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Model CC2, 5.6 K-factor Combustible Concealed Space Sprinklers, Specific Application, Upright

General Description

The Model CC2 Combustible Concealed Sprinklers are fast response, upright specific application sprinklers designed to provide protection of specific light hazard combustible, as well as non-combustible, concealed spaces requiring sprinkler protection. The CC2 Sprinklers comply with the criterion for the protection of combustible concealed spaces as described in NFPA 13 and can be used on steel dry pipe sprinkler systems.
They are designed for installation on BlazeMas­ter® CPVC wet pipe systems and steel wet pipe or dry pipe sprinkler systems.

Always refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP700 for the INSTALLER WARNING that provides cautions with respect to handling and installation of sprinkler systems and com­ponents. Improper handling and installation can permanently damage a sprinkler system or its components and cause the sprinkler to fail to operate in a fire situation or cause it to operate prematurely.

Technical Data Sheet TFP 632
Prop 65 Warning
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TYCO Special Combustible Concealed Space Sprinklers CC2, Brass Upright K=5.6, 1/2 NPT 175F (SIN TY3189), 175F/79C, Brass