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Model K17-231, 16.8 K-factor Pendent Sprinklers Standard Response, Standard Coverage

General Description

The 16.8 K-factor, Model K17-231, Standard Response, Standard Coverage, Pendent Sprinklers are automatic sprinklers of the frangible bulb type. They are standard response spray sprinklers which produce a hemispherical water distribution pattern below the deflector.

Higher flow rates can be achieved at much lower pressures with the 16.8 K-factor, K17-231 Sprinklers making their use highly advantageous in high density applications, such as the protection of high-piled storage.

IMPORTANT Always refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP700 for the INSTALLER WARNING that provides cautions with respect to handling and installation of sprinkler systems and components. Improper handling and installation can permanently damage a sprinkler system or its components and cause the sprinkler to fail to operate in a fire situation or cause it to operate prematurely.

Technical Data Sheet TFP 332
Prop 65 Warning
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TYCO Storage K17-231 Pendent, K=16.8, 3/4 NPT (SIN TY7251), 155F/68C, Brass
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TYCO Storage K17-231 Pendent, K=16.8, 3/4 NPT (SIN TY7251), 200F/93C, Brass
TYCO Storage K17-231 Pendent, K=16.8, 3/4 NPT (SIN TY7251), 286F/141C, Brass